DanceMania is a relaxed, sociable and fun dance society based at the University of Glasgow. We offer a wide variety of dance classes from Hiphop to Dancehall to Ballet to Tap.

Our dance season runs from September to March when we will finish up with our annual show which is created, produced and choreographed by DanceMania members. Our classes run weekly on a Monday night in the Queen Margaret Union and Wednesday nights in the Glasgow University Union from 5-9pm. Becoming a member of DanceMania is just £5 for the year.
This allows full access to classes for only £2 per class.

We welcome anyone and everyone with dancers attending with a range of abilities, from those who have danced from a young age to those who have never danced in their lives. Our classes are designed to suit all abilities which attend and each class will work on a routine which will be used in our end of season show. This gives everyone the opportunity to appear in our show if they wish.

DanceMania also offers those interested in choreography the chance to choreograph a routine for our dance show. Last years show was titled A Date With Dance and took place in the Queen Margaret Union, University of Glasgow which was a resounding success. We also organise regular social nights so that our dancers can get to know each other and make new friends. These social nights range from nights in to nights out to ensure that we accommodate to everyones taste.

For more information have a browse on our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch! Or you can visit us on facebook, instagram and twitter.