Volunteering FAQs

SVSS has put together a list of the frequently asked volunteering questions.

Do I have the time to volunteer?

This obviously depends on your other commitments, but you’re asked only to give up 2-3 hours a week for most of the projects.

Do I have to commit to a project for the year?

Volunteer roles vary in the amount of time you need to give up. For projects that involve befriending someone, you need to be prepared to give a minimum of 6 months involvement where possible, and need to update your contact at our partner agency as soon as your availability changes. We are trying to find a range of options for students, from one off events, to short term involvement, or time limited roles. If you are unsure which option to choose, please contact volunteering@src.gla.ac.uk, to have a chat with our GU Volunteering team.

Do I need any previous experience?

It can help, but isn’t essential – our volunteering partners will provide you with any induction training you need!

Will I have to travel far?

Some of the placement opportunities aren’t within walking distance of the University, but don’t worry because most partner organisations will pay your travel expenses.

I’ve been told that I need a PVG – what is this?

PVG stands for Protection of Vulnerable Groups, and is a membership scheme that you will be required to join if you are looking to volunteer with vulnerable adults or children. The SRC will process application forms if you are doing certain type of volunteering.

In all other roles that require a PVG, the partner agency will process for you. If you are already a member of PVG, you may be required to do a PVG update, to ensure you are still OK to work with vulnerable people.

A PVG is also known as a CRB check in England or a Police Check in many countries in abroad, and in Scotland all it means is that volunteers are screened to ensure that no one who is disqualified from working with children or vulnerable adults is allowed to do so. It is a very simple process, as all you’ll have to do is fill a quick form out: it doesn’t cost you anything, and no one (police, authorities etc) will contact you about it.

Ok, I want to volunteer! What next?

Sign up to our database and look at all the available opportunities and apply online at  volunteering.glasgowstudent.net

You can also contact GU Volunteering by emailing volunteering@src.gla.ac.uk