Freshers’ Helper 2017 Applications

Applications are now open to become an SRC Freshers’ Helper in September 2017!

Got a few weeks free at the end of summer? Want to meet some amazing people and help new students? Then why not think of applying to be a Freshers’ Helper!

This year, we’re doing things slightly differently. You now get the chance to be a helper one of two ways! What does that mean, we hear you say?

Well, we now require two different types of helpers: Freshers’ Helpers and Postgraduate Fortnight Helpers. The differences and requirements for each are listed below. You can apply for both, but you’ll need to state which is your preference. We generally recruit around 100 Freshers’ Helpers and are looking for around 20 Postgraduate Fortnight Helpers.

Apply now by filling in the application form: Freshers’ Helper 2017 Applications

Applications open on 10th April and close on 30th June at 5pm!