Freshers’ Helper Applications

Got a few weeks free at the end of summer? Want to meet some amazing people and help new students? Then why not think of applying to be a Freshers’ Helper!

Freshers’ Helper and Postgraduate Helper applications are now open! 

Freshers’ Helpers 

To be a SRC Freshers’ Helper, you must be available from 9th-22nd September for Pre-Week Training and Freshers’ Week in order to be considered. 

Meet and Greet Team 

Within our Freshers’ Helper Team we are also recruiting for our dedicated Meet and Greet Freshers’ Helper team. This team is nearly identically to the rest of our teams, but  will have a slightly different daytime schedule focused on making Freshers’ Week as inclusive as possible for ‘non-traditional’ students (mature students, students with disabilities, student carers, parents and so on). This team is dedicated to enabling these students so they can take full advantage of all the opportunities that Freshers’ Week presents. If you’re interested in joining this helper team, make sure to fill out the Meet and Greet section on the application form! 

Because we are keen to encourage helpers from these non-traditional groups to apply for the team, we are happy for Meet and Greet helpers to help part-time in order to suit other commitments. 

Postgraduate Helpers 

The SRC run Postgraduate Welcome Fortnight in parallel to Freshers’ Week and the 1st week of teaching with the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club. We are also looking for Helpers to support the events the SRC runs specifically for Postgraduate students during 16th-27th September. If you are available during this time, in addition to the afternoon of 12th September for training and would like to help support Postgraduate students that are starting at the University, then this role is for you! 

How to Apply 

There are two ways in which you can apply to become a SRC Freshers or Postgraduate Helper. 

  1. You can apply and submit your application online* 
  2. You can download a printable copy of our application form OR collect from the SRC Welcome Point, located in the McIntyre Building on University Avenue 

Anything paper based should be handed back to the SRC Welcome Point before the deadline OR can be sent electronically to  

*To submit your Blank Space sheet if applying online please hand this into the SRC Welcome Point 

Applications will close on WEDNESDAY 15TH JUNE AT 5PM. You will be contacted late July if your application has been successful OR for a telephone/Skype interview. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Scott Kirby, VP Student Activities at OR you can check out our Guide to being an SRC Freshers’ Helper!