Freshers’ Helper Applications

Got a few weeks free at the end of summer? Want to meet some amazing people and help new students? Then why not think of applying to be a Freshers’ Helper!

Applications open on 10th April and close on 30th June at 5pm!

This year, we’re doing things slightly differently. You now get the chance to be a helper one of two ways! What does that mean, we hear you say?

Well, we now require two different types of helpers: Freshers’ Helpers and Postgraduate Fortnight Helpers. The differences and requirements for each are listed below. You can apply for both, but you’ll need to state which is your preference. We generally recruit around 100 Freshers’ Helpers and are looking for around 20 Postgraduate Fortnight Helpers.

Freshers’ Helper application

You need to be free from the 5th – 16th of September (inclusive) and willing to take part in the most intense two weeks of your life! It’s a pretty big commitment, so we do need you to be available for the whole period. Don’t worry though, you will get some breaks in between. Typically you’ll be working during the day and then will also be required to do one late-night shift throughout Freshers’ Week (generally 10pm – 3am). There is also socialising in the evening, which of course is recommended but by no means compulsory!

In terms of job roles, you’ll be put into smaller teams with a leader and deputy leader. You’ll also be assigned duties throughout the day, which ranges depending on which events are on and what’s needing done. Duties usually include promotion, working the Freshers’ Fair, handing out Freshers’ Passes, conducting tours and pitching in with event set-up and logistics.

We have pre-week training here at the SRC. This involves giving you information and skills to get you feeling ready to help, socialising and some final preparations for the week!
If you’d like more information on what exactly you’ll be doing and the commitment, then please contact

Apply for the Freshers’ Helper position

Postgraduate Fortnight application

You need to be free within the period of 11th – 22nd of September (excluding weekends). Unlike the Freshers’ Helper position, you do not need to be free every day within this period and you’ll primarily be required for evening events. Commitment for this application is a lot less intense than with Freshers’ Helping.

Welcome Fortnight is ideal for anyone who is a postgraduate student themselves or who isn’t able to commit to the full two weeks necessary to be a Freshers’ Helper. Although the commitment is flexible, you’ll have greater responsibility at the events, and will be expected to take on a wide range of activities. You must have a good knowledge of Glasgow, and ideally the University. Most events take place in the evenings, so if you have daytime commitments this is the role for you. You do not need to be a postgraduate to apply for this role.

Being a PG Fortnight Helper is a great way to meet fellow postgraduates – or to introduce yourself to the PG community if you’re thinking of doing a PG degree in the future. It’s also great experience working directly with professional companies and performers in Scotland, as well as clubs and societies at the University. You may be asked to take on leadership roles, cash handling, crowd control, set-up/break-down, front of house/ushering, all valuable skills to future employers. There’s a higher volume of international students in the PG community, so you’ll get to meet people from all over the world! Many of our events are ticketed and not part of the main Freshers’ Week pass, which means you can gain free access if you’re helping out on that night.

Apply for the Postgraduate Fortnight helper position

Please remember that the deadline for both of these is 30th of June at 5pm!

Any questions, please contact either or

Best of luck!
Mhairi Harris,
Vice President for Student Activities