The SRC’s GU Volunteering team introduce their #ViralKindness campaign to help vulnerable people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

UPDATE [24/03/20]: Given that the UK is now effectively under lockdown – we would advise any students who wish to take part in this campaign that they do so with extreme caution, following all government guidelines where possible. If you’re going out shopping for necessities, you could still pick up a few things for your vulnerable neighbours, but please don’t flout the lockdown rules as they are in place to save lives.

Following the inspiring example set by Becky Wass from Cornwall, the SRC’s GU Volunteering team have developed a postcard which you can print off and post to the people around you, if you’re willing and able to help them out during the COVID-19 outbreak.

By posting the card, you can volunteer to help your local community with: picking up shopping, posting mail, giving a friendly phone call, or getting urgent supplies.

You can download the postcard as a PDF here.

Remember: do not share your private information with others if you believe this puts you at risk. We advise students not to pay for groceries or other items in advance for others. Be sure to keep a receipt for any products purchased.

We recommend you only participate within your local neighbourhood, in familiar spaces. If you are experiencing the known symptoms of the virus then do not leave your house to do this – follow NHS and University guidance.

Use your common sense. Stay safe.

For daily updates on COVID-19 please go to the University of Glasgow’s page on the subject. For our guidance go here.