UofG Volunteers, Clubs and Societies Win Big at Annual Awards

On March 12th, the SRC held its annual Volunteering, Clubs and Societies (VCS) Awards.

Each year, these awards recognise and celebrate the incredible efforts made by both students who take part in volunteering and those who become members of clubs and societies.

The awards are nominated for by UofG students and any UofG student involved in a club or society, who volunteers with GU Volunteering or does something world changing within the wider community. Over 500 nominations were submitted, and from these a shortlist was prepared.

The awards are organised and hosted by the current Vice President of Student Activities, Amy McKenzie Smith. She said:

Watching the incredible resilience of all students this year has been truly inspirational. Seeing our student clubs, societies and volunteers is one of my favourite parts of this job and it has been so inspiring and joyful to watch them overcome and tackle the incredibly difficult challenges of the year.  

Societies have pulled together people from all over the world and offered students an amazingly diverse variety of things to get involved in. Our fantastic volunteers also have given up their time and put in incredible efforts to volunteer within our student community, the wider Glasgow community and further across the world.

To all the students nominated, shortlisted and our winners in the VCS Awards- congratulations. You should be so proud of everything you’ve achieved and for the amazing creativity, resilience and energy you have shown.”

Below is a list of the clubs, societies and volunteers nominated in each category, plus a note of who won and why:

GU Club or Society Charitable Giving Award

This award recognises clubs and societies who have led successful fundraising activities, events or campaigns throughout the academic year.


  • GU Mary’s Meals
  • Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS)
  • Language4Water
  • Glasgow Marrow

The winner of this award was: GU Mary’s Meals. This club was awarded as this year they made more money than ever before through online activity and fundraising – at time of writing just over £5,000. From their Challenge Week to Porridge Week to a huge raffle, their enthusiasm and impact was commendable.

GU Student Wellbeing Award

This award recognises clubs and societies that look out for student wellbeing and mental health- something that has been so important this year. Inclusive of all aspects like mental health, sexual health, physical health, this category recognises any society that has gone over and above for wellbeing.


  • GU Nightline
  • Mind Your Mate
  • GU Sexspression
  • Walking Club
  • GU Bhakti Yoga

The winner of this award was: GU Nightline. Nightline volunteers have gone above and beyond by offering a listening ear to those in need, working to remain a consistent and beneficial service. They put student mental health first and they have worked hard to adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible to adapt during the pandemic.

GU Club or Society Activism Award

This award commends clubs and societies who have been working on important issues and campaigning for things students feel passionate about. It is to recognise those who have been working on activism and highlighting topics and issues to the UofG community.


  • Successful Women at Glasgow (SWAG)
  • Global Goals Glasgow
  • Glasgow Medical Students LGBTQIA+
  • Glasgow on Ecosia

The winner of this award was: Successful Women at Glasgow (SWAG). SWAG have been working throughout the full year advocating for more safety on campus in regard to gender based and sexual violence. They ran their 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, encouraging all students to stand against a prevalent social issue, as well as running of several other campaigns throughout the year.

GU Award for Community Volunteering

This award commends a student’s or group of students and their partnership and involvement with Glasgow’s local community. This partnership should demonstrate a drive to challenge deprivation or inequality, and to build positive partnerships between the University and local community.


  • GU South Asian Society
  • DigiGallus
  • Bronwyn Moles
  • GU FemEng
  • Language4Water

The winner of this award was: Bronwyn Moles. Bronwyn has taken on 1-1 tutoring with a pupil who had been referred by social work. The pupil has shown increased confidence and motivation since working with Bronwyn and the support she provides is invaluable.

GU Award for Campus Volunteering

The award recognises a student’s or group of students’ achievements to volunteering in the University of Glasgow. They must have demonstrated a desire to go above and beyond in volunteering, whether that have been on campus, in accommodation or volunteering in online activities.


  • Mind Your Mate trainers
  • Duncan MacLennan
  • Alvaro Perez Guardiola
  • Language4Water
  • GU Sexpression

The winner of this award was: the Mind Your Mate trainers, who work tirelessly to ensure their suicide prevention workshops continue to run during this difficult year where student mental health has taken such a hit. It’s an amazing, heartfelt and educational programme and the issue the team raise is extremely important.

GU Club or Society Engagement of the Year

This year has been all about social media and clubs and societies do a wonderful job at keeping students up to date online. This award commends societies whose page is always full of funky graphics, motivational updates and more great content.


  • Successful Women at Glasgow (SWAG)
  • Students for Choice
  • 93% Club
  • Glasgow University Scottish Country Dance Club (GUSCDC)

The winner of this award was: Glasgow Students for Choice, whose Instagram has grown by over 200% over the year. They run weekly series including “myth busting Mondays” and “what’s been happening in”. Their information is digestible, accessible and engaging and the aesthetics are incredible.

 GU Club or Society Event of the Year

Clubs and Societies have put on some incredible and wide ranging events throughout the year, despite the challenging restrictions the pandemic has brought. This award is to recognise the event that has made the biggest impact to the university community and to a club or society’s members.


  • Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG) for ‘Stag Nights Festival’
  • Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association (GCSSA) for ‘Spring Festival Gala’
  • Glasgow Marrow for ‘Glasgow Goes Dating’
  • GU Mary’s Meals for ‘Challenge Week’
  • GU Christian Union for Virtual Christmas Service

The winner of this award was: is the Spring Festival Gala hosted by Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association. This festival eased the homesickness of Chinese students who were able to watch the broadcast of the gala together, united during this difficult time. All ticket proceeds were also donated to areas in the Wuhan region of China in need of support.

 GU Club or Society Member of the Year

This award commends someone who has gone above and beyond their role for their club or society. It recognises those who have been essential to the success of their club or society and have made a huge impact to the members of the club or society, and to the university community.


  • Hao Xu
  • Victoria Davie
  • Samantha Marchant
  • Lizzie Robinson
  • Katja Kraljević
  • Becky Laird

The winner of this award was: Victoria Davie. Victoria has been fantastic this year in her role as the Fundraising Director for the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show. She has shown fantastic leadership and helped to motivate society members whilst finding alternative and exciting ways to fundraise for Glasgow’s Golden Generation.

 GU Club or Society of the Year

This award is to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing achievements of clubs and societies on campus. It commends standout clubs or societies that have achieved something extraordinary, celebrated a milestone or just been all-round fantastic throughout the year.


  • UG Racing
  • Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG)
  • Glasgow Student Dance Company (GSDC)
  • Glasgow University Magazine
  • GU Mary’s Meals

The winner of this award was: UG Racing. UG Racing provide real life work experience for engineers and help their members build their professional skills. Each year, members are ambitious in their attempt to build a fully functioning Formula-style car for the Formula Student competition in July. Members become part of a huge team who are both inclusive and friendly.

GU Principal’s Award for Civic Engagement

This award – selected by the Principal – recognises exemplary contributions made by student volunteers, to communities beyond campus. Recipients of the award demonstrate a personal commitment to civically engaged life in Glasgow; working for social justice, motivating others to become caring, active, responsible and informed citizens. Their work inspires and helps advance communities, improve the common knowledge, social cohesion, and quality of life for others.


  • Alvaro Perez Guardiola
  • Caresse Brown
  • Toni McLaughlin
  • The Glasgow Guardian

The winner of this award was: Toni McLaughlin, who is outreach convenor for the GU FemEng society. Toni works to connect school children to Engineering, arranging school visits and workshops in the surrounding Glasgow areas. She continues to inspire students, children and the community with her work.

Well done to everyone who won and all of our nominees. A full-length video of the award ceremony can be watched back on YouTube: