Top Tips: Housing Rights

It’s important that you’re aware of your rights as a tenant in a private rented property. The SRC Advice Centre have put together a list of Top Tips to help you.

  1. Let’s Agree

Check that you have been given the correct agreement for your property. Most rented properties are Private Residential Tenancies, and so check that it is a PRT and that you have been provided with the accompanying notes. You can find a model PRT on the Scottish Government website at

Check that the details for landlord/agent, start date, rent and deposit are all correct. If you are unsure about any aspect of your tenancy agreement, ask the Advice Centre to look it over for you.

  1. Safe Deposits

Not all landlords/agents will take a deposit from you, but if they do, make sure that if you pay a deposit that it is lodged with one of the three government approved tenancy deposit schemes. Find out more about this on our site at

  1. I Got Bills

Utilities, council tax and other bills – make sure you know where your gas and electric meters are. Find out who your utilities providers are, and if you don’t have an account, you can set one up. Also, you will probably need to fill in your council tax exemption and so please see  if you have a WIFI account, check to see if your service can move with you. You may also need to think about TV licences and also insurance for personal belongings.

  1. Right to Repairs

Repairs, leaks, dampness and other problems –  Your property should fit the ‘Repairing Standard’. Any problems with the structure of the building, including fixtures and fittings, are the landlord/letting agents responsibility and so you need to tell them about the problem and ask them to fix it. If repairs aren’t being done, there are steps you can take including applying to the First Tier Tribunal for help. See

  1. Moving Out

When it is time to move out, if you have a joint tenancy agreement then if you all move out together you need to provide 28 days advance notice at any time. If you have a joint tenancy but are moving out by yourself, you may need to find a replacement for you to assign the tenancy. If you are moving out, then make sure you fill in the inventory, and take photos as evidence that you are leaving the property clean, and tidy and have removed all of your belongings. If you do this, then your deposit should be returned to you without any unfair deductions made to it.


Also, see

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