Tier 4 Update

An update from our President Liam on how the Tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions will impact GUSRC.

[Update 23.11.20: Please note that although we refer to ‘Tier 4″ throughout this blog, we are in fact referring to the Level 4 restrictions as outlined by the Scottish Governmentthese ought not to be confused with the separate tier system used by the UK Government.]

Hello everyone,

Liam Brady here – GUSRC President. Because of the Tier 4 restrictions in Glasgow, GUSRC will be taking our work off-campus and away from the McIntyre Building as of today (Friday 20th November).

We know that these are tough times and although our building won’t be open, we will still be very much open for business and here to support you.

Our staff team, as well as myself and my fellow sabbatical officers, will be working off-campus but will be happy to take your enquiries via email or arrange to talk with you via MS Teams or Zoom, or messaging via the official GUSRC social media accounts. Unfortunately, we cannot take phone calls at this time.

We will be working off-campus from Monday 23rd November to December 18th, at which point we’ll finish up for the holidays – returning on January 5th.


Looking Forward

The University will be in touch very soon regarding pre-Christmas asymptomatic testing for all students, both undergraduate and postgraduate , who need to travel home before the holidays. We would strongly suggest that all students who can get tested do so. We would also encourage everyone to download the NHS Test and Protect app if you have not done so already.

Towards the end of the month, we will be launching our Winter exam de-stress campaign De-stress at a Distance alongside the other student bodies, so keep an eye out for that to find some relaxing content and activities to help you through exams and this difficult situation.

We are also working with the University to ensure that there will be support for any students staying in Glasgow over the holidays, and we are planning some activities and a  programme of content to be posted over this period including volunteering opportunities, and further de-stress and well-being related resources.

We continue to have online activities uploaded to our Glasgow Student Events site on Native which we will keep adding to and would encourage clubs and societies to look into adding their own events so more students can enjoy them (check out our host your event page).


Supporting You

Below we have a listed some of our contact details and helpful links should you need them. We would particularly like to remind students that our Advice Centre has a massive amount of helpful guidance on their webpages, found at https://glasgowstudent.net/advice.

At this time of year we receive a number of enquiries about exam concerns, financial issues and housing worries. The Advice Centre staff are trained to help with all of these, so please do check out their website or contact them via the email listed below.

Our Welcome Point staff are able to help with a range of general enquiries by pointing you in the right direction, and they’re also equipped to take clubs and societies requests via the clubs and socs email below.

For those of you planning to stay in Glasgow over the holiday period, GU Volunteering have a wide range of volunteering activities available via our volunteering database. These are constantly being updated and are a great way to get involved in some really important local projects. Find out more on the GU Volunteer website, or by contacting them via the email below.


Contact Us

The Advice Centre – advice@src.gla.ac.uk General Enquiries – enquiries@src.gla.ac.uk

Clubs and Societies – clubsandsocs@src.gla.ac.uk

GU Volunteering – volunteer@src.gla.ac.uk

SRC Executive – exec@src.gla.ac.uk


Social Media

Facebook – https://facebook.com/glasgowuniversitysrc

Twitter – https://twitter.com/gusrc

Instagram – https://instagram.com/glasgowunisrc



SRC Advice Centre – COVID-19 Advice and FAQ – https://www.glasgowstudent.net/advice/healthsafetywellbeing/advice-covid-19/

University Exam Support Page – https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/students/academic/examsupport/

University Guidance on ‘Good Cause’ – https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/students/newsletter/stories/headline_763393_en.html

University Coronavirus FAQs – https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/coronavirus/faqs/


Liam Brady

GUSRC President