Student Teaching Awards 2018 Shortlist

The SRC are pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for this years awards taking place on the 22nd March

Without further ado, here is our shortlist for the 2018 Student Teaching Awards

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on 22nd March. Keep an eye out on the STA pages to find out who is triumphant!

Best Advisor of Studies
Dorothy Aidulis
Nyree Finlay
Clare McFeeley
Judith Stevenson
Christian Tams

Best College Teacher Arts
Stuart Airlie
Dougal Campbell
Luis Gomes
Colin Herd
Ann-Christine Simke

Best College Teacher MVLS
Ziad Al-Ani
Gawain Hammond
Robert Nibbs
Edward Tobias
Sonya Taylor

Best College Teacher Science and Engineering
Tim Dempster
Andrew Jamieson
Alice Miller
Andrew Sutherland
John Williamson

Best College Teacher Social Sciences 
Jane Cavani
Paul Ferri
Jill Robbie
Vikki Turbine
Alexander Whitelaw

Best Dissertation Supervisor
Christos Anagnostopoulos
Rachael Jack
Emma Laurie
Terry Quinn
Simon Rogers

Best Online Learning Experience
Lisa Debruine
Stephanie Fogarty
Nughmana Mirza
Jeremy Singer
Donna Yates

Best Postgraduate who Teaches
Marjan Kloosterboer
Jenny Knotts
Laurie Points
Maureen McBride
Moritz Mosenhauer

Best Research Supervisor
Robert Cowan
Martin Parker Dixon
Vihar Georgiev
Georgios Karyotis and Lauren McLaren
Sara Sereno

Best Student Representative
Emily Backus
Moritz Goetze
Emma Hardy
Parichehr Riahi Pour
Suzy Whoriskey

Best Support Staff
Ruth Fletcher
Graham McClure
Denise Porada
Claire Rattery
Christine Roser

Best Feedback
Elizabeth Cosgrove
Hazel Long
Iain Neill
Don Spaeth
Genevieve Stapleton

Highly Innovative Teaching
Ziad Al-Ani
Catherine Lido
Scott Roy
Andrew Sutherland
Sam Tongue

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching
Louise McCallum
Willie McGuire
Ann-Christine Simke
Nigel Sprigings
Niamh Stack