Student Parents’ Resources

This article outlines useful resources for Student Parents’

The SRC have been working over the years to ensure that the University has adequate support in place for student parents. We have been heavily involved in the creation of the University Student Parents’ Policy (now live) and in celebration have decided to compile a list of useful resources that student parents may find helpful:

Your Rights

  • University’s Student Parents Policy
    • The University has approved a new Student Parents Policy, created in partnership with the Students’ Representative Council. This policy provides guidance for students who are parents or guardians of children under the age of 18, and for staff who support those students. The policy supports the University’s commitment to ensuring that responsibility for a child is not a barrier to any student starting, succeeding in or completing a programme of study.
    • You can find out about your rights here:

Networks & Groups

  • SRC Student Parents’ Network
    • The SRC have created five Student Networks for Student Parents, Carers, Disabled Students, International students and also Home students. They have been set up to enable you to meet other students, share advice or organise meet-ups. We’ll also use the Networks to let you know about relevant events or campaigns that you might want to get involved in. The SRC Student Networks are open to all University of Glasgow students whether full-time, part-time or distance learners. All of the Facebook Groups are “closed” which means no one can see that you are a member of the group unless they are also a member. Members use this group to meet up in the park or organise to meet up at the family study lounge or literally just to chat!
    • Facebook page:
  • International Family Network.
    • The International Student Support team provide support to international students and their families through the International Family Network. The support offered includes orientation, language classes for dependents, a weekly family lunch as well as regular trips and events.

Facilities & Spaces

  • Family Friendly Study Lounge.
    • The Family Study Lounge is a room on Level 4 of the UofG Main Library that is open to students and staff (and of course their children!). The space was created in partnership with the SRC and the Equality and Diversity Unit in response to feedback from students asking for a facility that enables Parents/Carers to use library facilities with their children. This is an area where members with children can study, however children are to be supervised at all times.
  • UofG Nursery.
    • The Nursery is currently managed by Childcare Scotland Ltd. and is registered to accommodate up to 74 children. All Matriculated students and University of Glasgow employees with a current contract of employment are eligible to use the Nursery, subject to availability of places which are in particularly high demand.
  • Baby changing facilities
    • The University has a number of baby changing facilities as below:
      • Room 103A Disabled Ladies toilet in 1A the Square (the change table can be wheeled to the gents from the ladies toilet if requested)
      • Room 124A Visitor Centre Disabled Toilet (next to the University shop).
      • Level 4 main library
    • Breast milk expressing room
      • The University’s Equality and Diversity Unit has created a space for expressing breastmilk. This room has a fridge and is available to access by code.
      • For access please contact:
    • Breastfeeding facilities
      • Of course, the University supports you to breastfeed wherever you feel more comfortable, however if you would like a more private space, the back of the family study lounge has a partitioned section for you to use.
    • Mature Students’ Association