Spring Elections 2017 voting open!

Voting is now open in the SRC Spring Elections 2017. You can vote online from any computer at glasgow.ac.uk/vote.

Voting is now open between 9am Wednesday 1st March and 5pm on Thursday 2nd March at glasgow.ac.uk/vote. These are the people who will be representing you as a student so have your say in who that is.

The election results announcement will be held in Room 201, McIntyre Building at approximately 6.30pm, Thursday 2rd March.

Manifestos for all candidates are available on the Spring 2017 Manifestos page

Sabbatical Officers

  • President: Kate Powell
  • VP Education: Ali Bhatti, Hannah-May Todd, Jenny Benson
  • VP Student Support:Tia Manavis, Thais Ramdani, Lauren “Shoogle” McDougall
  • VP Student Activities: Pritasha Kariappa

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

  • Age Equality Officer: Elliot Napier, Sehyr Zahoor
  • Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer: Struan McLean, Shannon Donovan
  • Disability Equality Officer: Emma Docherty
  • Environmental Officer: Rafael Crespo Molina, Xavier Weiss
  • Gender Equality Officer:
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity Officer:
  • International Students Officer: Natalia Timoshkina, Hussein El-Ajouz, Marco She
  • Mental Health Equality Officer: Zak Hussain, Neharika Puligundla, Eva Szilagyi-Nagy, Makhib Choudkhuri, Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai, Douglas Iason
  • Race Equality Officer: Aleema Sardar

UG Convenors

  • UG Arts College Convenor:
  • UG MVLS College Convenor: Usman Abdul-Quayum
  • UG Science and Engineering Convenor: Mahi Siddika, Bilal Khan
  • UG Social Sciences College Convenor: Mauro Dellisanti, Moa Schafer, Josh Horsman, Megan Snedden, Iris Weng Chong

PG Convenors

  • PG Arts College Convenor: Natalie Finlayson
  • PG MVLS College Convenor: Kirstin Leslie
  • PG Science and Engineering Convenor:
  • PG Social Sciences College Convenor:
  • PG Taught Convenor:

School Representatives

  • Business School: Riccardo Demurtas
  • School of Chemistry: Kyle Brownson
  • School of Computing Science: Stephen Brown
  • School of Critical Studies: Leah Henssge
  • School of Culture and Creative Arts: Ryan Rutherford
  • School of Education:
  • School of Engineering: Mohammed Giga, M’Been Zafar, Margarita Ivanova
  • School of Geographical & Earth Sciences:
  • School of Humanities: Emma Hardy
  • School of Interdisciplinary Studies: Leonie Lepple
  • School of Law: Harris Bin Shahid Mahmood
  • School of Life Sciences: Soud Alkhalaf
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics: Martje Rave, Matthew Walker, Muhammad Fahd Asif
  • School of Medicine: Hussain Jasem, Rafa Abushaala
  • School of Modern Languages and Cultures: Ellie Young
  • School of Physics and Astronomy: Haiqa Jamil
  • School of Psychology: Xenia Stieger, Andrea De Palma, Gregory Kokkinidis
  • School of Social and Political Sciences: Cristina Chueca Del Cerro, Daniel Nixon, James Richardson, Claire McCormack
  • School of Veterinary Medicine: Antonia Da Fonseca Ioannou

Manifestos for all candidates are available on the Spring 2017 Manifestos page