Spring Elections 2016 Voting Open!

Voting is now open in the SRC Spring Elections 2016. You can vote online from any computer at glasgow.ac.uk/vote.

Voting is now open between 9am Wednesday 2nd March and 5pm on Thursday 3rd March at glasgow.ac.uk/vote. These are the people who will be representing you as a student so have your say in who that is.

The election results announcement will be held in Room 201, John McIntyre Building at approximately 6.30pm, Thursday 3rd March.

Manifestos for all candidates are available on the Spring 2016 Manifestos page

Sabbatical Officers

  • President: Una Marie Darragh, Ellen Morton, Ameer Ibrahim
  • VP Education: Salim Al-Wasity, Kate Powell
  • VP Student Activities: Mhairi Harris, Galina Misheva, Farhan Riaz Ahmed
  • VP Student Support: Iain French, Erin Ross

Undergraduate Convenors

  • UG Arts College Convenor: Jenny Benson
  • UG Science and Engineering Convenor: Alex Pancheva, Imran Hafeez
  • UG Social Sciences College Convenor: Jan Vlcek

Postgraduate Convenors

  • PG MVLS College Convenor: Bob Rooney

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

  • Charities, Clubs and Societies Officer: Pritasha Kariappa, David Robertson
  • Disability Equality Officer: Lauren “Shoogle” McDougall
  • Environmental Officer: Chris Holdsworth, Hannah Kay, Isabella Nilsen
  • Gender Equality Officer: Thais Ramdani
  • International Students Officer: Thao Ha, Hussein El-Ajouz
  • Mental Health Equality Officer: Zak Hussain, Kirsten Muat, Elliot Porter
  • Sexual Orientation Equality Officer: Dylan Beck

School Representatives

  • Business School: Christabel Chittick, Julia Kamenova
  • School of Chemistry: Rafael Crespo Molina
  • School of Computing Science: Nina Hirstozova
  • School of Engineering: Anwar Abushaala
  • School of Geographical & Earth Sciences: Joshua MccAhill
  • School of Humanities: Ryan O’Fee, Hannah Todd
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics: Liam Bergin
  • School of Medicine: Haseeb Hamid
  • School of Psychology: Shutong Luan
  • School of Social and Political Sciences: James Richardson

Manifestos for all candidates are available on the Spring 2016 Manifestos page

You can review what was said in the hustings via Twitter #gusrcelections.