SRC Spring Elections 2015 Nominations Open

Nominations for the 2015 spring elections are now open and election packs for all the positions can be collected from the Welcome Point in the John McIntyre Building.

Downloadable versions, as well as guidelines for submitting a nomination if you are a study abroad student are available form the Spring 2015 Elections page.

Positions Available

Sabbatical Positions

President, VP Education, VP Student Support, VP Student Activities

Non Sabbatical Positions

Undergraduate College Convenor – 4 positions, one per college – Arts, Science & Engineering, Social Sciences, MVLS

Postgraduate College Convenor – 4 positions, one per college – Arts, Science & Engineering, Social Sciences, MVLS

Postgraduate Taught Convenor – 1 position

Welfare Officer – 9 Positions – Sexual Orientation Equality Officer, Race Equality Officer, Gender Equality Officer, Disability Equality Officer, Charities, Clubs & Societies Officer, Environmental Officer, Age Equality Officer, International Students Officer, Mental Health Equality Officer

School Representative – 19 Positions, one per school – Critical Studies, Culture and Creative Arts, Humanities, Modern Languages and Culture, Life Sciences, Medicine, Veterninary Medicine, Chemistry, Business, Engineering, Computing Science, Geographical and Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, Education, Social and Political Sciences, Law, Interdisciplinary Studies

Key Dates

  • Nominations open 9th February
  • Nominations close at 4pm on 20th February
  • The candidates meeting is at 1pm on the 25th February in the Williams Room, John McIntyre Building
  • Non Sabb Heckling – 6pm on the 2nd March in the Williams Room, John McIntyre Building
  • Sabb Heckling – 6pm 3rd March in Room 201, John McIntyre Building
  • Polling opens 9am Wednesday 4th March
  • Polling closes 5pm Thursday 5th March


  1. JG · 9 February 2015 at 11:56a

    There’s no Religious Equality Officer? I’d think that was a pretty important one to have. This is Glasgow, after all, so I’d think sectarianism was an important issue to tackle. Also, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism/anti-Judaism are major issues in the UK right now. From personal experience, several times, I’ve encountered anti-Christian comments from lecturers, and I’ve heard of others who’ve experienced similar things.

    Is there any reason why we don’t have a Religious Equality Officer? Perhaps the SRC don’t consider this a serious issue, but it is.

    1. Hannah · 9 February 2015 at 11:56a

      I’m not a current member of the SRC Board, but I was one last year, and though I do not know why there is not a Religious Equality Officer currently, you could raise the idea to the SRC council? The Mental Health Equality Officer was established last year after a motion to introduce the post was introduced and voted upon and non board members can raise these motions too.

    2. PB · 9 February 2015 at 11:56a

      With all due respect, it tends to be the religions who are oppressing other people. Be that LGBT people and marriage or segregating women when it comes to speaking events.

      How could we possibly guarantee this Religious Equality Officer would be a secular post? Or turn into a race between the different religions of the University vying to get their person on the council?

      1. JG · 9 February 2015 at 11:56a

        I’m sorry? “It tends to be the religions who are oppressing other people”? I think that’s a gross generalisation. I am absolutely fine with people having opposing views to mine. I don’t even talk about my faith to other people unless they ask me. Frankly, I’m too busy with class to care about what other folks in my tutorials and lectures think. But when I’m in a lecture, and a lecturer makes an anti-religious slur (in one case, a disgusting sexual slur against the Virgin Mary), no, that’s not okay. Such a remark would not be made against Martin Luther King Jr, or Matthew Shepard, for example, or people would rightly be outraged. All I’m asking is to be given respect in turn.

        What do you mean by a “secular” post? The university policy clearly states that religious discrimination is wrong and won’t be tolerated. A person handling complaints about religious hate speech and religious discrimination isn’t any different from a person handling other such violations of university policy. They can be of any religion, or of no religion; it really doesn’t make a difference, as long as they take complaints seriously.

        Can I be honest? Comments like the above just illustrate the problem. The attitude seems to be a lot of the time, “Some religions and some religious people do bad things, therefore it’s okay to insult and ridicule all religious people.” If you complain about hate speech, no one seems to care, because they think religious people deserve what they get and how dare they complain. It’s just not taken seriously.

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