Saltire Awards for Volunteering

The SRC are delighted to announce that volunteers can now claim Saltire Awards for their volunteering activities.

Students volunteering through GU Volunteering can now claim Saltire Awards for their volunteering activities. These awards supplement the existing HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) and allow for a wider range of volunteering activities to be recognised.

The Saltire Awards are a Scottish Government accredited scheme for 12-25 year-old volunteers, designed to recognise their contribution and prove commitment to a volunteering role. There are various levels of awards, from a one-off volunteer activity to the completion of 10-500 hours of volunteering.

In order to claim your hours as a volunteer, you will need to be registered on our Volunteering database and have applied for one of our registered partner projects. You also need to be actively volunteering for this role.

When you have achieved 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 hours, our GU Volunteering team will make contact with the organisation you volunteer with to verify you have completed these hours, and then your award will be processed.

You will need to ensure you keep a log of your volunteering hours on your database profile, so that you can continue to claim awards up to the 500-hour milestone, or your 26th birthday.