Media Week 2015

Attention budding media movers!

Write it, type it, cut it, send it, print it, read it, say it, hear it, watch it, live it. No we’re not referring to any Daft Punk songs, it’s Media Week here at Glasgow University, courtesy of your very own Student Representative Council. Media Week is one of the most exciting weeks this University has to offer. It’s a week where we bring together some of the best media industry players – the ones out there, shaping what we see, hear and read – to come and show us all what’s what in the world of media. They’re coming here to share their knowledge and experiences, to help inspire you, and try and answer any of your questions about life working in the media. For full details, check out the Media Week 2015 page.

Everything is free to attend and open to everyone, however they are first come first served. Keep an eye on or check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for up to date information on the events. You can join our Facebook event here: Media Week 2015 Facebook event