#lecrec Semester 2 Relaunch

VP Education Hannah-May Todd updates on the successes of her #lecrec campaign, plans for this semester and how UofG students can get involved

The SRC’s #LecRec campaign is relaunching for Semester 2. This is a priority campaign that with the help of students is encouraging more lecturers to opt in to our current lecture recording policy if staff lecture in a room with lecture recording capability. We are aiming to move towards a policy where all lectures are recorded for all UofG students to make learning more accessible for our 27,000 students.

In semester 1 #LecRec resulted in the following wins:

  • Collaborating with Central Timetabling saw there was a huge increase in the number of events in which lecture recording has been requested in rooms with lecture recording capabilities. 255 events (in Semester 1 of academic year 2016/7) has increased to 454 events in semester 1 (17/18) – almost double!
  • Senior Management Group in their open letter in response to the SRC, as a matter of priority, agreed to increase the number of teaching areas that are equipped with digital recording technology until all lecture theatres offer this facility.
  • Funding has been secured for a new space on campus for lectures to be pre-recorded for flipped teaching

In Semester 2 we are looking to:

  • Try and push for a new lecture recording policy whereby all lectures (if given in a facility with the capability) would be recorded in some capacity
  • Continue to increase the numbers of lectures currently recorded
  • Push for increased funding and further provision of lecture recording equipment in rooms across campus

Get involved!

If you’re interested in pushing for these things and encouraging your lecturers to opt in, please read our #lecrec FAQ to find out how you can be involved and suggestions of who to speak to in your school. If you want to get involved or have any questions email hannah-may.todd@src.gla.ac.uk for more details.