Just Arrived? Welcome to Glasgow!

A short intro to the SRC and the University of Glasgow.

Who are we?

We’re the Students’ Representative Council, also known as the SRC. We do lots of things, but basically we exist to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable University experience by providing support, representation, and engagement opportunities. We’re a small organisation made up of our council of elected student representatives plus a small team of part-time and full-time staff. We are led by a team of sabbatical officers (pictured L-R): Amy (Vice President Student Activities), Liam (President), Ella (Vice President Student Support), and Grigoris (Vice President Education).

What’s on?

We’ve got lots of great activities for new students to get involved, loads of which are organised by student-led clubs and societies. We list all of our events, both online and in-person, on a site called Native. Think of this as an online box office for finding what’s on: glasgowstudent.native.fm


Get involved

Even though campus life is different right now, there are still loads of opportunities to get involved in activities beyond your degree – SRC can help you find these via our GU Volunteering Service, affiliation with over 300 clubs and societies, and some of the best student media outlets in the country.

We would recommend checking out our list of affiliated clubs and societies at glasgowstudent.net/clubs/find-a-club – there are over so many to choose from so there should be something for everyone!

You should also check out GU Volunteering – this is our dedicated volunteering service who have links to loads of great opportunities to give back and help out.

Our student media outlets are among the best in the country, these are Subcity Radio – a student radio station, Glasgow Guardian – a student newspaper, Glasgow University Magazine (GUM) – a student magazine, and GUST– a student television station.


Find support

We hope that you’ll have an amazing time at Glasgow, but should you encounter problems then the SRC are here to help.

One of our key services is the Advice Centre – a confidential and impartial service who provide guidance to students on a range of subjects: from academic issues, to housing and accommodation, to finances, health and wellbeing. You can find out more about the Advice Centre at glasgowstudent.net/advice.

We run a number of campaigns (Mind Your Mate, Let’s Talk, Conversation Cafes, Look After Yourself, Student Networks) and events (Black History Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, RAG Week, De-stress, International Women’s Week) throughout the year to support you. Find out more about these at glasgowstudent.net/campaigns and glasgowstudent.net/events

We run a number of services (Flatshare, Jobshop, Second Hand Bookshop, Welcome Point) to help you out – learn more about these at glasgowstudent.net/services

For support in other areas, we’d suggest you check out our Virtual Isolation Toolkit – it has lots of handy contacts for when you need a hand: https://www.glasgowstudent.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/GUSRC-Isolation-Toolkit.pdf.

Learn about Glasgow

Glasgow is a vibrant and exciting city with so much to offer by way of arts, culture, entertainment, food, drinks and sports. Things may be different right now – but there are still so many reasons to be in Glasgow and so many things to enjoy about living in this great city. Glasgow also isn’t without its quirks, and it’s important that you learn how certain things work here such as public transport, or rules around drinking outdoors.

The best way to learn more about Glasgow is to read our comprehensive student publication: The Guide. Put together by a team of past students, this 140-page book has everything you need to know about life at the University as well as within the city of Glasgow. You can access a free online copy here: bit.ly/TheGuide2020 or you can pick up a physical copy from the SRC Welcome Point.

We hope that this short intro to the SRC and to Glasgow will serve you well and make you feel welcome at the University!