Housing Scams Alert

A warning from the SRC Advice Centre on recent housing scams targeting students

We’ve had several cases in the SRC Advice Centre recently where students have entered into negotiations to rent properties from individuals who are posing as landlords or letting agents for properties they neither own nor have the legal right to rent out.

In some cases the students were sent a copy of a document which claims to prove that the person has the legal right to rent out/owns the property: Fake Certificate of Ownership. This exact document has been replicated across several adverts online, particularly on Gumtree, and this may be the same person posting several adverts under false names. This document has no meaning or bearing under UK or Scottish law and if you come across this type of advert or document we would advise that you do not under any circumstances proceed with the tenancy or most importantly pay any money to the prospective landlord/letting agent. It is not necessary to view title deeds, but instead you should check with Landlord Registration Scotland to see if the property is legitimate.

In other cases, scammers posing as a solicitor firm under the name “Myers, Fletcher & Gordon, Attorneys-at-Law” have been requesting hundreds of pounds upfront from would-be tenants, without any flat viewings taking place. The real Myers, Fletcher and Gordon solicitors have reported the theft of their identity to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and you can check the details here: SRA Warning: Property rental fraud using the name Myers Fletcher & Gordon Attorney at Law

We’ve created a short list of do’s and don’ts that you may find helpful to check before you sign up for private rented accommodation and you can view these here – Fearless Flathunting: Housing Scams

If you find a property you like the look of and want to check if everything seems above board, or would just like some advice on finding private rented accommodation get in touch with the SRC Advice Centre at:

Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council
Advice Centre
Ground Floor
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University Avenue
Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland
Tel: 0141 330 5360
Email: advice@src.gla.ac.uk