GUSRC Annual Report for 2012/13 launched

We are proud to say that the GUSRC Annual Report 2012/13 is now available.

2012/13 was yet another transformational year for GUSRC as we continue to expand and enhance our services. The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club opened its doors in October 2012, the new Welcome Point opened in November 2012 and the year also saw significant changes to the operational structure of GUSRC, with the biggest change being made to the roles of the sabbatical officers.

For a taste of the many things that took place over 2012/13, head on over to the Annual Report 2012/13 page to read it online. We hope you enjoy finding out more in the report and appreciate the central role that GUSRC plays at the University of Glasgow.

You can read the annual report over at Alternatively you can download the GUSRC Annual Report 2012/13.