Glasgow Uni Spotted Facebook pages

The SRC is aware of the issues raised about the “Spotted” pages for campus

The issues regarding the Glasgow Uni Spotted pages have previously been raised to the SRC and as a result we have been in contact with the Library, Security and the University’s Communications Office throughout the year. The administrator of this page has been contacted by the University on more than one occasion. If the activity on this page continues in a similar vein then the University has agreed to take more serious action. It should also be noted that Facebook allows individuals to report content should you wish to.

While the SRC appreciates that some students use this page for light relief during the revision period, there is also a lot of content posted on this page which is inappropriate, racist or sexist. We all know that the library at this time of year can be a very stressful place, and not many students want to be there. However, the problems of being in the library are only being exacerbated by these posts which make some students uncomfortable.

The SRC strives to make campus a safe space for all and believe that the library should be a learning environment without threat of intimidation. We would also like to remind students that the SRC is a Third Party Reporting centre and that any person who wishes to report a hate crime can do so at the Advice Centre.

We wish you all the best in your upcoming exams.