New Gilchrist Winter Hot Drinks Menu

The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club has come up with a new line-up of hot drinks to keep you warm in this freezing Winter. From a refreshing minty hot chocolate to a warm cinnamon delight, there’s something for everyone to make you feel cosy in the rain and snow.

Since it’s so cold and wet outside we thought we’d invite you into the Gilchrist with out new range of Winter warmers. We’ve got five new hot drinks at our usual low prices to keep you warm throughout the coming Winter.

List of Drinks

First up we have the all new Minty Hot Chocolate, which is as fresh as a Winter’s morning. At only £1.85 for a large cup of this refreshingly warm hot chocolate, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better cosiness-to-pennies ratio on campus. 

Forget Peanut Butter Jelly Time, we’re swapping out the jam for some milky chocolate goodness in the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. This hot chocolate will give you a double dunt of sweetness to bring back those childhood memories. 

Hallowe’een is over but that doesn’t mean we’re not still big fans of toffee apples! This is where our Toffee Apple Mocha comes in. Go dookin’ in this delicious mocha and you’ll be coming back for more.

In our Amaretto Latte the sweet, fragrant nuttiness of the Amaretto adds to the smoothness of the latte.

It wouldn’t be winter without cinnamon, so we bring you the Warm Cinnamon Delight. With the fragrant addition of chai spices this £1.28 cup of tea will keep you cosy throughout the coming Winter.

Price List

Drink Student Regular Student Large Staff Regular Staff Large
Minty Hot Chocolate £1.68 £1.85 £2.00 £2.20
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate £1.68 £1.85 £2.00 £2.20
Toffee Apple Mocha £2.06 £2.31 £2.45 £2.75
Amaretto Latte £1.71 £1.96 £2.05 £2.35
Warm Cinnamon Delight £1.28 £1.50