Student Teaching Awards 2018 Winners

Here are the STA Awards 2018 winners – congratulations to everyone!

The annual Student Teaching Awards 2018 were held tonight – the winners list is below!

Congratulations to everyone who won and also who was nominated!

Best Advisor of Studies: Clare McFeely

Best College Teacher Arts Honourable Mention: Ann-Christine Simke

Best College Teacher Arts: Luis Gomes

Best College Teacher MVLS: Gawain Hammond

Best College Teacher Science and Engineering: John Williamson

Best College Teacher Social Sciences: Jill Robbie

Best Dissertation Supervisor: Emma Laurie

Best Research Supervisor: Martin Dixon

Best Postgraduate Tutor: Laurie Points

Best Student Representative: Suzy Whoriskey

Best Support Staff: Graham McClure

Highly Innovative Teaching Award: Ziad Al-Ani

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching: Niamh Stack