Freshers Helpers’ Applications Are Open!

Freshers’ Week 2015 is coming. Make your contribution and become an SRC Freshers’ Helper! Applications are now open.

Time flies – it seems that just last week we were enjoying the last bits of summer, and here it is upon us again. This means that Freshers’ Week 2015 is not far either! Have you looked at the people in blue t-shirts last year and wondered how you can join the Freshers’ Week fun? Now is your chance!

Applications for SRC Freshers’ Helper position are now open, and remain open until 26th of June! You have plenty of time to think of witty answers and show us why YOU should be one of the hundred people that welcomes new students.

Being a Freshers’ Helper requires a bit of dedication: not only you will have to show freshers how to make the most of their time here, but also help out with loads of events, goodie bag packing, set ups for the events. This means that we ask you to be available for two weeks: from 8th of September until 20th of September (when we will finish the week with a big party for all the helpers). The experience is very rewarding, ask anyone who has done it before. It does not matter if you just finished your first year, or your final year – you still have a chance to apply.

The application can be completed online: SRC Freshers’ Helper Application 2015