Edward Snowden installed as Rector

23rd April 2014 marks the official start of term of Edward Snowden as Rector of University of Glasgow.

The ceremony held yesterday on the 23rd of April, marked the beginning of Edward Snowden’s term as Rector of the University of Glasgow. The installation ceremony was opened by the SRC President, Jess McGrellis, who welcomed Edward Snowden to the University. The SRC President stated that “the long line of Rectors that the students have elected over the years have often reflected the political and social concerns of the time…and we can see this reflected in the election of Edward Snowden, and how students in today’s society are concerned about surveillance”. 

Unfortunately Mr Snowden was not able to attend in person, but he did attend via a video link. In his physical absence the Rector’s robe was draped over a chair to mark the moment of his installation. Edward Snowden addressed the students, thanking them for voting for him and describing his election to the position of Rector as a ‘great honour’. He finished his speech by saying that “the idea that we believe in something, that we have to stand for something is what I intend to follow and what I intend to guide my service as your rector”.

SRC President-elect, Breffni O’Connor, closed the ceremony be expressing thanks to all the students who nominated candidates and voted in the Rectorial election, as well as expressing a willingness to facilitate interaction between students and the Rector should he wish to carry out his role. “I, on behalf of the SRC and the entire student body would like to extend a very hearty vote of thanks to all those involved in this process… Today marks the start of a new era, with Edward Snowden beginning his term in office as Rector… Along with my fellow Sabbatical officers, incoming council and our Rector we will fight for the priorities and interests of students “