Compulsory equalities training for all University staff?

The Equalities and Human Rights Committee of the Scottish Parliament has published their report on disabled people and higher education.

A newly published government report from the Equalities and Human Rights Committee is strongly critical of Scottish Universities’ approach to disabilities. The report’s uncompromising approach included the recommendation that equalities training become compulsory for all University staff. GUSRC’s Disability Equality Officer Lauren McDougall, a participant in the in the committee’s evidence taking session, stated that the implications of the report could be far reaching if it is taken seriously by Universities. She stated:

“We have a close working relationship with the Equality and Diversity Unit at the University and will be approaching them to discuss the implications of the report’s findings and how we can implement positive changes going forward”.

In addition to its comments on staff training, the report also highlighted a need for greater transparency in the application process with improved support structures for mental health and people with two or more impairments and for information to be available in video form, with BSL, on University websites and social media channels. The full report can be accessed at: Equalities and Human Rights Committee 1st Report 2017 (Session 5): Disabilities and Universities