Statement of support for trans and non-binary students and staff

In response to the Sunday Times letter and the reopening of consultation on the Gender Recognition Act, the SRC and LGBT+ Staff Network at the University of Glasgow have written a joint statement.

The University of Glasgow Students’ Representative Council and LGBT+ Staff Network believe unequivocally in a culture of respect and dignity for students and staff. In the current climate of overwhelming misinformation in the media regarding trans and non-binary people, we see an even greater need to support our trans and non-binary students, peers and colleagues. Academic freedom is not interchangeable with respect, nor is it to be used as an excuse to demonise anyone. To do so is an insult to the vast majority of academics and their work. We proudly stand by our trans and non-binary students and staff; you are an integral and valuable part of our University community which is strengthened by its diversity.

We encourage any staff or students at UofG to report any instances of transphobia, bullying or harassment. More information on how to report, and about the support available, can be found on the Dignity at Work and Study webpages:

Lauren McDougall, SRC President, also added “We encourage any HE staff members to sign the counter letter… to show support for our trans & non-binary students and staff. I’d also encourage you to write to your MSP re. the Gender Recognition Act consultation, you can even use this handy tool