Autumn Elections 2016 Voting Open!

Polls are open between 9am and 5pm at

Bute Hall Under aka The Cloisters facing north.

Voting Open!

Voting is open between 9am and 5pm on Thursday 13th October at These are the people who will be representing you as a student so have your say in who that is. Manifestos are available here:

The election results announcement will be held in Room 201, the McIntyre Building at approximately 6.30pm, Thursday 13th October.

Here is a list of the positions you can vote for

UG Convenors

  • MVLS College Convenor: Bayasap Zorigt, Moiz Shah, Rob Hallam

PG Convenors

  • Arts College Convenor: Julia Belogurova
  • Science and Engineering College Convenor: Geoff Wang, Jess Mac Sweeney
  • Social Sciences College Convenor: Remy He
  • PG Taught Convenor: Flynn Gewirtz O’Reilly, Tina Li

Welfare and Equal Opportunites Officers

  • Race Equality Officer: Anita Awotunde, Jowad Farooq, Lam Tram, Linda Salm, Zhao Huang
  • Age Equality Officer: Murdo Maclean

School Representatives

  • Critical Studies: Leah Henssge
  • Culture and Creative Arts: Ryan Rutherford
  • Modern Languages and Culture: Ellie Young
  • Life Sciences: Ada Scarrott, Dalia Gala, Madihah Hussain, Paul Gillan
  • Veterinary Medicine: vacant
  • Physics and Astronomy: Andrew Brown, Emily Kenny, Sam Kershaw,
  • Education: Ellie Parry
  • Law: Abbas Ali
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Becky Adams

General Representatives

  • First Year Representatives: Amna Zahid, Andreea Musat, Kritika Dass, Martina Lofquist, Xavier Weiss
  • General Representatives:  Bethan Hall Jones, Effy Wang, Fatemeh Nokhbatolofoghahai, Harry Wang, Hugh Littlehailes, Iris Chong, Jessica Brown, Jessica Xu, Maaz Talha, Matthew Walker, Muhamad Fahd Asif, Natalie Moffat, Nihal Talwar, Ruoxi Han, Ryan O’Fee, Sophie Gill, Stefano Sesia, Struan McLean.