24/7 Library Annoucement

The SRC, in partnership with the Library, have an update on 24/7 library access

The SRC and Library are pleased to announce that another trial of the library being open 24 hours will be happening during the next examination period!

From Monday 16th April until Friday 18th May, floors 1-11 will be open 24 hours a day.

Commenting on the trial, Hannah-May Todd our VP Education said “The SRC is excited to partner with the library to relaunch 24 hour library access for a second pilot; again we will be evaluating this throughout. Feedback from the previous pilot has been taken on board to improve the student experience during this second pilot!’

To give your feedback throughout the trial, keep an eye on the SRC’s Facebook and Twitter as well as the Library’s social media accounts.

Any further questions can be emailed to Hannah at hannah-may.todd@src.gla.ac.uk