24/7 Library Access Return

In partnership with the Library, the SRC has brought this back for the spring examination diet

The SRC and the Library are pleased to announce that 24/7 access to the library is returning for the spring examination period!

After two trials in academic year 2017/18, the SRC have worked closely with university staff to have this initiative return. During these trials student feedback was taken on the effectiveness of the 24/7 access, how much of a demand there was for access and what the SRC and Library could do to improve if the initiative goes ahead.

The Library will open at 7.15 on Monday 15th April until 2am on Saturday 18th May when it will resort to normal working hours.

Emma Hardy, SRC Vice President Education who has been working with the library on this initiative has said:

“We’re really excited to have partnered with the library again this year to bring back 24 hour access for this exam period. 24 hour opening gives students maximum flexibility to study when they want, as well as making the library accessible to those who may not be able to use it during regular hours as a result of other commitments such as jobs or childcare responsibilities. We really hope this will help students feel supported throughout the exam period and it’s been great to work with the library again on this initiative!”

For any further questions please contact Emma at vp-education@src.gla.ac.uk