Vice President – Student Activities

Spring Elections 2020

Amy McKenzie Smith

I hold a genuine passion for the student experience, am extremely dedicated, consistently hard-working and committed to enhancing the lives of those fortunate to be part of the University of Glasgow. Having spent the past year on the Board of Management at the GUU, I have vast experience of being part of a board and running large events for the student audience. I hold a lot of experience within both PR and welfare committees, have attended cross campus meetings, was on a charity society executive committee and hold the general dedication, energy and work ethic to succeed in the role of VPSA.

Some examples I would look to introduce-

  • I intend to collaborate and communicate with all four student bodies to run a Freshers’ Week that is diverse and exciting. I wish to continue the running of daytime and early-evening events to jam pack the entire week. I also want to collaborate with clubs and societies, particularly smaller ones, in the running of events so they can interact with freshers immediately.
  • I wish to popularise RAG events further by collaborating with the other student bodies and clubs and societies, in order to make RAG week a campus-wide initiative. We can utilise these cross-campus spaces to in turn, appeal to wider audiences and make more money.
  • I will support all SRC council members; review their aims for the year and to help them fulfil their manifesto aims.
  • Cross campus is a vital part of how the unique four-body system works and I know that cross campus communication needs to be improved. I want to not only run regular formal meetings, but encourage cross campus relationships and collaboration, decreasing rivalry; recognising that the four-body system is one that is unique to the University and offers the student something they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Increase PR of the excellent services that SRC can provide to the student, to make more students aware of the work the SRC do and how they can benefit.
  • I will encourage more collaborations between both clubs and societies themselves and between them and the SRC. I also want to help support clubs and societies executives, so they know there is someone to turn to help with any internal issues within their club or society. I intend to secure sufficient storage space and room bookings for all clubs and societies. I also want to help advise clubs and societies on how they can work to be more sustainable.
  • The life of the home student is a topic I feel extremely passionate about having experienced the struggle for two years of balancing life in the university and being a home student. I seek to ensure home students feel as much part of the University and to enhance their experience through initiatives such as a home student officer position on council and the creation of a common room space on campus for home students to use during long breaks where they can chill out, featuring comfy seating areas and dining facilities.

Elinor Tipper

Hi! My name is Elinor Tipper and I am a fourth-year psychology student hoping to be your next VP of Student Activities.

My manifesto is based off my time working in big and small SRC-affiliated societies and student feedback. In this role I would aim to improve the support that student activities receive, be it from guidance in starting a new society to helping established societies grow to fit the student demand.

Throughout my time at Glasgow, I have been actively involved in many clubs and societies. Firstly, I have been president of Glasgow Student Dance Company for the past two years. This has given me the opportunity to work alongside previous VPSA’s and discuss common barriers to growth and possible solutions with similar societies. I also founded and am currently president of Glasgow Students for Choice which has given me insight into how the VPSA can support new and small societies.

If elected VP Student Activities I will:

More Rooms

  • I will push the university for more support in providing spaces for societies to meet, rehearse or use as storage.
  • I will liaise with society secretaries to establish what their specific needs are and produce possible solutions.

Collaborations Between Societies

  • I will organise a pre-fresher’s mixing event for societies to meet and discuss possible collaborations.
  • I will facilitate for other student clubs to become involved in RAG week. This will include organising an inter-club RAG event.

Responsible Societies

  • I will introduce schemes that help societies keep sustainable practice, community outreach and charity engagement.


  • I will encourage the introduction of a Welfare member to all SRC societies.
  • I will liaise with the VP of Student Support on how to best integrate welfare into clubs and societies and provide suitable training for all Welfare members.

Safety on Campus

  • Organise bus shuttles from the library to halls. This will be especially important during the Winter exam diet.
  • Support all clubs and societies in organising safe methods for students to travel to and from society meetings/rehearsals after dark.

Freshers Week

  • I will share online maps illustrating where to find specific societies so new students do not feel overwhelmed by the size of the fayre.
  • I will provide more information on Quiet Hour to those manning stalls including why it is needed and what they can do to make a difference during this hour.

Accountability & Feedback

  • I will send out forms for anonymous feedback to all members on what they think the VPSA can do to positively affect their university experience.

Vote Elinor Tipper #1 for VPSA