Vice President – Education

Spring Elections 2020

Patrick Aasen

My name is Patrick Aasen and for the past year I have been the SRC Undergraduate Convenor for Social Sciences. In this position I have had a fantastic insight into the work and responsibilities of the VP Education, and believe I am the right candidate to continue this work. The university needs to put students at the centre of its considerations and decision-making processes. My goals reflect this, and I want to work hard to represent the interests of current and future students at the highest levels of the university.


  • Introduce an Assessment and Feedback Calendar App, which provides a comprehensive overview of due dates and expected return dates. It must be possible for students to hold staff accountable for delayed feedback.
  • Push paperless hand-ins to minimise the environmental effects of assessment and take the burden off students who cannot get to university as easily.
  • Implement 24h library access. There is support on most sides, and if Edinburgh can make it work, then so can we.
  • Monitor the roll-out of the opt-out lecture recording It has seen good progress recently and I will continue to work to make lecture recordings available to all.
  • Promote changes to our online platforms: Checking results, booking appointments, and looking at feedback should all be possible on one platform.
  • Encourage the development of meaningful assessment. Assessments must be relevant to students’ fields of study and what they will likely do in the future.
  • Continue the work of previous VPs on developing and strengthening the Class Rep They are crucial to the improvement of UofG, as they know their courses better than anyone else.
  • Ensure that the new buildings on the Western Campus are suited to students’ needs, such as increasing the number of study spaces and extended opening times.
  • Keep fighting for translation dictionaries to remain allowed in exams. The university cannot blame students for miscommunication and unclear guidance.


Besides having been this year’s Undergraduate Convenor for Social Sciences, I have also:

  • Served as an SRC representative on several university and college committees, including the Learning & Teaching Committee, Senate, and Military Education Committee.
  • Pushed CaPS Peer Support in the College of Social Sciences, resulting in the college now looking at a complete roll-out.
  • Assisted previous VPs in running the Class Rep Conference and Student Teaching Awards.
  • Attended workshops on the Enhancement-led Institutional Review, transforming Assessment & Feedback, and developing the UofG Learning & Teaching Strategy.
  • Promoted various SRC campaigns at stalls, including Register-to-Vote, Student Teaching Awards, De-Stress, and the Volunteers, Clubs & Societies Awards
  • Volunteered in the 2019 Freshers Week as a Deputy Team Leader.
  • Sat on the SRC as 1st Year Representative in 2017-2018, thus having been involved in the SRC throughout my whole university experience.

Students are the core of any university, and the VP Education occupies a key role at UofG in making the learning experience the best it can be. As VP Education I will do all I can to achieve that goal.

Gregory Kokkinidis

Hi, I’m Gregory and I want to be your next VP Education.

I’m the current School of Psychology representative, and during my time on council I have been dedicated to listening to and representing student voices.

I have developed a well-rounded understanding of academic issues, and through my experience in university committees and consultations I know how to address them and instigate change. I have a proven track record and have delivered on my previous manifesto pledges.

My goals as VPED are realistic. They illustrate my understanding of student issues and reflect what I think can be done to represent the diverse range of student needs within our University.

Elect me and I will work to:

  • Ensure the successful implementation of a new, opt-out lecture recording policy, which is necessary for ensuring equal accessibility to learning.
  • Create a form for providing students with meaningful feedback on assessments, standardising the demonstration of strengths/weaknesses and examples for improvement on all grade classifications.
  • Establish an effective student-staff learning partnership that is informed by student feedback and experiences, recognises their valuable contribution in shaping teaching and assessment, and informs students of how their feedback has driven change.
  • Push for accessible electronic submissions across the board, tackling the unnecessary financial burden and accessibility barrier of physical hand-ins on students.
  • Encourage the inclusion of interdisciplinary educational opportunities on sustainability and the current climate emergency, supporting ongoing student efforts and educational demands.
  • Endorse changes to recreate curricula as representative of every cohort within our diverse student body – inclusive of protected characteristics.
  • Actively monitor the launch of the Learning Hub, regularly consulting with students to ensure it really does enhance our student experience and provides enough study space to cope with increasing student numbers.
  • Collaborate with student representatives and sabbatical officers to stay informed about all student issues and ensure their timely and effective resolution.
  • Continue the valuable work of previous VPED to support peer-assisted learning, the efficient use of feedback calendars, and enhancing the role of class representative.

As a member of the SRC I have:

  • Liaised between students and staff and organised one-to-one meetings to represent student voices and ensure they are considered in academic reflection and change.
  • Informed decisions on best practice regarding communication between staff and students.
  • Initiated discussions and contributed to changes relating to assessment and feedback, lecture recording, curriculum inclusivity and accessibility, and the campus redevelopment.
  • Represented over 5,000 students from the College of Science and Engineering on the University Learning and Teaching Committee.
  • Promoted SRC campaigns including for the STAs, VCS, and NSS.

I have experienced student life at three universities and have been actively involved in 10+ clubs and societies, allowing me to draw tangible comparisons and drive change. I have been dedicated in listening to student voices and actively representing them for the last four years.

For someone who values and fights for every student voice, vote Gregory #1 VPED. #UvoteG

Austen Waite

My name is Austen Waite, and I currently sit on the SRC as the School of Humanities Representative. Being involved has given me insight into how important the role of VP Education is. Since talking to students, staff, and peers on Council, I know that I have what it takes to represent students at every level throughout the University.


  • 24/7 Library during Term-Time
    • We’ve seen how beneficial it can be to have facilitates on campus open later, and although having the Library open 24/7/365 isn’t possible, having it open while most students are in Glasgow may well be.
  • More PAL Schemes set up
    • PAL schemes have obvious educational benefits. They allow people to learn from each other, form friendships, and feel part of a community within their departments.
  • An Inclusive Education
    • Students who feel included in their education do better academically. Which is why I would want to work on schemes such as Decolonising the Curriculum, embedding LGBTQ+ equality into the classroom, and working on widening participation in the university.
  • Digitise Short-Term Library Loans
    • By having online copies of high-demand books, anyone who needs to access these could from anywhere. This especially benefits home students and disabled students.
  • CPD/Placement opportunities
    • I hope to be involved in creating more opportunities for students to undertake placements or CPD opportunities, so we can get wider professional experience, and recognition for it.
  • Learning Communities
    • Students often find it hard to feel part of a community with their subject. I will encourage departments to learn from subjects which do this well, so students feel more valued and supported.
  • Named Advisor of Studies
    • We know students are less confused about who to ask for help when they have a named person as their advisor of studies. I would push for this to be as standard.
  • Restructure PGR Representation
    • We currently have issues at understanding the needs of these students, and in supporting their learning. I would work with Council to reform the way we represent PGR students, so their issues don’t go unnoticed.


  • School of Humanities Representative, attending all Council meetings, consultations, and holding monthly drop-in sessions throughout the year.
  • Three-time SRC Freshers’ Helper, and 2019’s Team Leader of the Week.
  • Former Captain of GUSA affiliated GU Trampoline Club.
  • Founder and President of formerly SRC affiliated UofG Dignity in Dying Society, the first student group in the UK that campaign for an Assisted Dying law. I have since advised students at multiple universities on setting up similar groups.
  • I’ve been involved in the focus groups for two of the subjects undergoing PSRs this year, giving me insights that helped form this manifesto.
  • I consistently helped promote and take part in SRC campaigns including the STAs, Class Rep Conference/Mixer, and Clubs & Societies Mixer.

If elected as VP Education, I will work tirelessly to ensure all students can get the most out of their studies and are properly supported whilst doing so.