UG College Convenor Social Sciences

Spring Elections 2020

Duncan Henderson

Hi! I’m Duncan – I’m a second year Politics student and the current SRC Social & Political Sciences School Rep. I’m standing to be College Convenor because I believe I have the dedication, commitment, and experience needed to be an effective representative.

If you elect me as Convenor, I will fight for:

– Eliminating paper-copy coursework submission. Too many courses still require paper copies of work to be submitted, wasting time and creating unnecessary waste.

– Increased clarity on coursework return dates. Every course should clearly display to students when we can expect our work to be returned – with a grade and feedback. Staff plan these dates already – we just need them displayed

– More lecture recording. Staff are increasingly using lecture recording – largely due to the efforts of SRC representatives. If I am elected, I promise not to let this pressure slide, and continue to lobby staff at all levels to record lectures.

I will also be open minded on all suggestions from students, ensuring that I am your voice to the University – and will work with Class/School Reps to achieve our goals.

Please lend me your vote and vote Duncan for College Convenor!