UG College Convenor Science and Engineering

Spring Elections 2020

Damien Ealey

My name is Damien Ealey and I am in my 3rd year of my statistics degree. I have previously held the position of School rep of Maths and Stats and am now running to be the UG science and engineering convenor.

During my time as maths and stats rep, I have sat on school learning teaching committees and Staff student learning committees where I have worked with staff in both departments to change and improve our experience as students. I am also involved in MacSoc where I have been the social secretary and encouraged people to be social and friendly in different ways.

Along with also having been on council, I was also an SRC fresher’s helper and as such I have a good understanding of the SRC and how it works and to whom I should direct any queries.

My aim as convenor is to continue the work of our past convenor and continue work on the peer support program and help with the work being done on assessment and feedback while also hopefully bridging the gap between different schools.

For these reasons I hope you vote Damien Ealey for your UG college convenor of Science and Engineering.

Jenny Newton

My name is Jenny Newton and I’m a 3rd year Chemical Physics student. For the past year, I have been the School of Chemistry Representative and I am running for Undergraduate Science and Engineering Convenor for this upcoming academic year.

As an active member of council, I have spoken on behalf of my peers by sitting in School Learning and Teaching Committee meetings as well as raising concerns brought to me by class reps. I was also a Freshers’ Helper, so I am well acquainted with all the work that the SRC does.

My time is split between the School of Chemistry and the School of Physics and Astronomy and I have also taken Maths courses as a Chemical Physics student. I’ve seen first-hand how differently each school is operated and if elected, I would work towards more consistency between them.

Beyond academics, I believe that the welfare of students is paramount. As convenor, I would lobby the college to fully roll out the peer support system to allow for issues to be addressed before they escalate.

Above all, I aim to represent the views of my peers and continue to facilitate real changes within the University of Glasgow.