UG College Convenor MVLS

Spring Elections 2020

Dominika Bylinka

For the past year, I have been engaging as a Class Representative for my main subject, Biology. Having met students from across the College of MVLS, I have gained insight into the most current issues. The SRC is a powerful organization and as a College Convenor, I would like to use it to make changes happen.

I came to Scotland three years ago to join an international community at my boarding school. It was then, I have experienced a ‘cultural transition’ and became aware of problems faced by internationals. As a First-Year student, I was recently immersed in another wave of challenges. This time met by all of us moving onto higher education.

As a motivated, open-minded individual, I feel obliged and would like to implement the following actions:

  • mentorship programme – to support mental and educational progress of students by allowing good connection with a peer from the upper year of the same programme
  • improvements to counselling programme – to make the University staff more aware and decrease waiting list for those in need

  • SRC 4 students – to allow better flow of information between all University members, listen to suggestions and inform on actions taken

Lewis O’Connor

I’m Lewis, a third year medical student planning to intercalate next year. I am currently the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing representative, and I believe this experience and the work I have done in the position makes me well suited to be your college convenor.


  • Lobbying for a clinical placements expenses system to be created
  • Reintroduce student prices at the medical school café


  • Lobby for a separate SRC School of Dentistry representative
  • Use the dental school administration as an example of best practice


  • Advocate for nursing school room bookings to be under the control of the nursing school not CTT
  • Lobby for a separate SRC School of Nursing representative

Veterinary School

  • Ensuring Eduroam is accessible across Garscube campus
  • Lobbying for a fund to be created to help cover the costs of extra mural studies
  • Work with GUVMA to continually improve mental health service provision

Life Sciences

  • Advocate for dedicated room space – teaching and non-teaching
  • Rebrand and improve the G-Gnomes Society


  • Improve the advisor of studies system
  • Create a better network between class and school representatives
  • Improve the layout of Moodle