UG College Convenor Arts

Spring Elections 2020

Emma Lindquist

After having been part of the SRC for almost a year as a First Year Representative I have been introduced to the ways of the council and how we work together with the university on a wider scale. This has given me the experience that I believe is needed for the position of an Undergraduate Convenor for the College of Arts.

I study English Literature, Philosophy and English Language & Linguistics which means that all my classes are deeply rooted within the College of Arts. Therefore I have the interest, the will and the motivation to work for and represent the college on council.

If elected I will continue working on what previous convenors have been trying to implement, for example creating a stronger sense of community between the schools in the college by hosting events. I will also strive to address any issues that come to my attention by working closely with the Class Reps, School Reps and the Vice President of Education.

My name is Emma Lindquist and I would love to be your Undergraduate Convenor for the College of Arts.