School of Mathematics and Statistics Representative

Spring Elections 2020

Chloé Hashimoto-Cullen

My name is Chloé Hashimoto-Cullen and I am a third-year mathematics student. In my first year, I was a class representative for mathematics, and have been again this year. This position has allowed me to interact with the students I was representing and to put forwards their needs to the teaching and administrative staff.

Over the last few months I have been secretary to Glasgow University Trampoline Club. This position has allowed me to liaise with members who wanted to voice their concerns, ideas and priorities. It is also a position in which I have shown my ability to be highly organised and regular in my obligations.

If elected, I will make myself known to the students of the School of Maths and Stats.

I will make sure that students are aware of the specific resources that are available to them.

I will work together with the School and its to help create communication between the different year groups as well as the School’s alumni, to make sure that students can discuss with those who have faced the same choices and decisions as themselves, and feel less alone in the process.

Michalis Stavrou

Hello everyone,

My name is Michalis Stavrou and I am a 2nd Year Undergraduate in the Mathematics and Statistics faculty. I am standing for election as the School Representative of the School of Mathematics and Statistics because I would like to give you a voice and to communicate your concerns, difficulties and suggestions for change, in other words, making sure that the views of all students are represented. As your representative on the SRC I would aim to ensure that:

  1. Anyone can make their voice heard and express their opinion.
  2. Decisions made by the council are to the benefit of all students.
  3. The student body (you!) are kept informed of the decisions made by the council.

I have previous experience as a student-staff liaison at secondary school and from during my military service and am currently a Maths Level 2 Class Rep. I believe that I am a suitable candidate and although, with there being so many of us, I do not know you all personally yet, I assure you that I will make myself available to everyone.