School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Representative

Spring Elections 2020

Sam Malis

Hi, my name is Sam. I’m a third year Geography student and currently hold the role of School Rep for the school of GES.

I believe I should be re-elected for School Rep as I want to create a sense of continuity in the role. With my 3 years’ experience as Class Rep and School Rep, I have grown to understand the importance of such a role and the SRC

In the past year, I have focused on:

  • Highlighting the need for lecture recordings in the School
  • Increasing the social aspect of the two societies in the school
  • Bringing the attention of the high costs incurred by a GES student regarding field courses.

I feel as if I have created a steady foundation in which these issues can continue to be resolved. In addition to these matters, for the next year I’d aim to focus on:

  • Support for returning Year Abroad students to integrate into 4th year Honours teaching
  • More transparency on available study space within the School
  • Provision for necessary lab software to be available in more study spaces e.g., Library

I hope I continue to be the choice for you next year!