School of Engineering Representative

Spring Elections 2020

Tomasz Kleczkowski

Hi. My name is Tomasz Kleczkowski (he, him, his). I am currently in my third year of studying Electronics with Music. I have been a class rep for three years, which has given me experience in working in a student representative role. I now hope to represent my fellow students in my responsibility as School Representative.

I am passionate about keeping the high standard and importance of the School within the University and working to improve it where possible. My primary focus will be to work with staff, students and the SRC to ensure that the School of Engineering is a welcoming place for students of any background and the learning experience is the best possible. I will meet regularly with class representatives to collect feedback and ensure that their voice is heard and acted upon. I will work with the School to increase emphasis on sustainability in teaching and career events; e.g. to offer courses focused on sustainable technology.

Other issues I will raise with the School include:

  • Lecture recording
  • Provision of updated learning materials
  • Support for engineering clubs and societies
  • Increased focus on sustainability career events
  • Greater diversity among students

Thank you for your support!

Ahmad Zia

Hello everyone! I am a 3rd year engineering student running for the position of engineering school representative and I have the relevant skills and experience to do so. I have been representing my peers as an SRC class rep for two years and as a GSA class Rep for 2nd and 3rd year of my studies. I have made sure every student issue (no matter the scale) is heard and resolved. I believe now I am ready to amp it up and be the voice of every engineering student at the University of Glasgow. As the school’s representative, I will actively work for the following:

  • Encourage the use of lecture recordings in all classes with the equipment necessary;
  • Help with the establishment of the Peer Support network of our school which is currently in the early stages of development;
  • Encourage more detailed and meaningful feedback on coursework.
  • I will try to improve the communication between class reps, staff and the SRC

Lastly and most importantly ‘I’ll be there for you’

Thank you for reading this manifesto and don’t forget to vote as each vote counts.