School of Culture and Creative Arts Representative

Spring Elections 2020

Ananya Venkatesan

Hi! I’m Ananya!

The School of Culture and Creative Arts is one that is diverse and unique, with students who will be entering an extremely competitive field. The only way we can be the best is if we have the best university environment and I aim to deliver.

I was a member of my school’s student council, speaking for student welfare. I also directed my school’s Model UN conference for a few years. At University, I am the class representative for Theatre Studies and Digital Media and Information Studies. Additionally, I am an active member of GUU debating and am a board member of the Dialectic Society.

I believe that the experiences and skills I have gathered in these roles will help me as School Representative.

If elected, I aim to:

  1. Improve our classroom experience by
    1. Pushing for lecture recordings
    2. Working closely with class reps through
      1. Monthly meetings
      2. Attending SSLC meetings;
    3. Aim to provide opportunities for intra-school networking such as
      1. Events for students from all years in the school to interact
      2. Tailored career events for culture and creative arts degrees.

Vote Ananya!