School of Critical Studies Representative

Spring Elections 2020

Bethany Woodhead

I’m Bethany Woodhead, a third-year joint honours English Literature and English Language & Linguistics student and I’m hoping to be your next School of Critical Studies Representative! I was a class representative for all three of my subjects during first and second year, which has given me experience in identifying student problems, speaking to classmates, and communicating with course convenors to make changes. Currently I am Editor-in-Chief of The Glasgow Guardian, giving me a good insight into campus politics and student issues and concerns.

School Representatives serve as an important bridge between students, class representatives and the wider institution of the SRC. The position and the organisation both highlight a key aspect of the role within their names: representative. Every student deserves to be heard and have their views, ideas and worries voiced by someone who will actively participate and listen. Some of the main things I’d push to change in the upcoming academic year are:

  • Ensure lecturers are adhering to the accessibility policy by posting slides and readings lists well in advance;
  • Encourage lecture recordings across the whole school;
  • Courses to post online versions of key texts;
  • Promote subject-specific and school-wide societies to create a sense of community.