School of Chemistry Representative

Spring Elections 2020

Katie Fish

My name is Katie Fish and I’m a second-year chemistry student.

Throughout the next year I’d like to get better at understanding chemistry and, maybe more relevantly, be given the opportunity to be the School of Chemistry Rep.

My experiences within the chemistry department so far have been overall positive and as a result I’m not approaching this position with a huge amount of change to get implemented. I am, however, keen to listen to the concerns other students have and push for changes that would help them.

I’m a friendly, approachable and outgoing person. I would aim to be a good point of contact for communication between students, either directly or indirectly through the class reps, and our department.

Despite my unsuccessful election run last semester, I have still been proactive within the department to help other students. I often chase lecturers to upload full notes on multiple occasions and last semester I also got the department to publish exemplar lab reports for the second-year qualitative labs with feedback.

Overall I’d make a good school rep because I’m easy to talk to (and even easier to complain to) about the chemistry department.