Race Equality Officer

Spring Elections 2020

Moni Serneabat Ungar

Hiya! My name is Moni Serneabat Ungar and I am a second year Film and TV studies student running for re-election as SRC Race Equality officer. I am half Bengali and a quarter Czech, born and raised in South West London, with a strong connection to my Bengali heritage.

Last year, I set up the university’s first ever BAME Society. I have achieved a lot this year and taken action on most of the aims I promised to achieve last year:

  • I have hosted events and discussions alongside GUBAME and GUSAS, that are accessible and inclusive.
  • I have been successful in lobbying the university and departments to work towards decolonising our curriculums and our university
  • I have run workshops which aim to discuss racial equality in everyday life and on campus

This year I hope to make more effort to:

  • Collaborate with other officers to develop more intersectional approaches for creating projects and campaigns
  • To host regular discussions for students on important issues related to developing anti-racist practice