Spring Elections 2020

Liam Brady

Hi friends, I’m Liam Brady, your current Vice-President Education, and I’m running to be your next SRC President!


  • Two years on Council; one as a Sabbatical Officer
  • An active student on campus with two years as an SRC Freshers’ Helper and GUINIS committee member
  • Contributed to enhancing the student experience on over 40 committees at the highest levels of the University
  • Actively influenced the upcoming University strategies ensuring that your student experience is the key priority
  • Coordinated the Class Rep Mixer and Conference, seeing attendance reach an all-time high
  • Secured 24-hour library access during exams as well as more consistent pop-up study spaces
  • Strengthened the student voice by launching the Student Representative Toolkit which has been recognised as sector-leading by QAA Scotland

A year is a short amount of time and considering the current university climate, it is imperative to elect someone with the experience of a sabbatical officer that can ease this transition for the next team. My experience shows that I am the best candidate to fulfil this.

My priorities if elected:

Academic Support:

  • Review the current advisory system. Inconsistencies such as whether someone has an individual advisor or a team, are a common cause of frustration for students.
  • Expose the hidden fees associated with degrees such as field trips and lab equipment.
  • Improve guidelines and manage expectations of what is expected of dissertation supervisors.
  • Radically overhaul PGR representation; unlike UG and PGT class representation, there is no clear or consistent system in place for PGR students to raise issues locally.
  • Push for 24-hour library access semester-wide.
  • Continue working on the rollout of Peer-Assisted Learning.


  • Run a Mental Health Awareness Week during the semester to continue the good work of Take A Break and help relieve student stress.
  • Streamline the application process for financial aid to make it more transparent and less stressful for students who need to access support.
  • Continue to push for the roll out of peer support with focus on provision for 1-year PGT students.
  • Continue developing Mind Your Mate and Let’s Talk and introduce other peer-led initiatives covering Harm Reduction and LGBTQ+ Inclusivity.
  • Improve visibility on campus, particularly LGBTQ+ and Disability, by championing staff role models and highlighting sources of support.
  • Push for improved lighting around campus to help ensure student safety.


  • Ensure sustainability is a core value of the SRC and University, especially with the upcoming COP26 bringing both the university and Glasgow onto a global stage.
  • Push for clubs and societies to have easy and affordable access to rooms on campus; promoting the new James McCune Smith Learning Hub as a centre for student activity on campus.
  • In the wake of Brexit, work with the university to find alternatives to Erasmus+ and ensure international students continue to feel welcome.
  • Run a careers event for non-vocational degrees.
  • Expand Ask the SRC and create an online form where students can raise issues directly to Council.

For an experienced and reliable President you can trust to represent you, vote Liam Brady #1!