PG Convenor Science and Engineering

Spring Elections 2020

Ibrahim Ansari

To begin with, my name is Ibrahim and I am a PG Mechanical Engineering and Management student at UofG. I am in an international student which means I come in with a wealth of new initiatives to improve the postgraduate student experience.

One of the main areas which I wish to focus on is to promote PG student involvement and presence in university clubs and events, since a majority of these activities are targeted at the comparatively larger undergraduate population; however, postgraduate students need to be included in such activities to improve their own student experience, while also contributing in raising the standards of the clubs and events on campus.

Another area of relevant interest to postgraduate students is industrial connections and opportunities, and I hope to facilitate this to help students to network with relevant corporate entities based on their major and career interests. The motivation behind this objective is based on the idea that interaction with firms and establishments allows students to gain a clearer prospective of their position and value in the industrial setting.

Apart from these specifics, I hope to promote the school and its students, so that they receive recognition for their talents and achievements.

Hao Xu

I am a second year PhD student in the School of Engineering. Fascinated by nanoscale thermal biology, I enjoy conducting research and life at the university of Glasgow!

Next to my studies I am the president of the Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association.. The GCSSA currently has around 6000 Chinese students. To efficiently provide great service and support,, the organization is setup in different chapters each focusing on different task. I am responsible to oversee and coordinate their actions. The task has given me great joy and I have been able to learn and improve leadership and problem solving skills. We recently successfully organized a Chinese New Year event at the royal concert hall in Glasgow and continue to organize small events throughout the year next to providing individual counseling and support to individuals. We help new students from China to settle and support language learning to help with their studies and life in the Uk. We extend our actions to bring together all students and enjoy the British and international community life. As a convener I want to continue to work for all students on campus and to support the communication between the university and students.