PG Convenor MVLS

Spring 2020 Elections

Hannah Baer

I am a second year PhD student and your current PG MVLS convenor. During the last election period, I have gained a lot of insights into the problems of both PGT and PGR and made important connections to keep things moving forward. So far we are implementing a PGR/PGT buddy system, to tackle problems such as lack of transport between Gilmorehill and other campuses and are improving the mental health support for both PGT and PGR. The latter is something I still want to improve, especially within PGR, to make sure everyone has the support they need and know where to get it. By bringing students of the different MVLS research institutes together, there are now ECO groups promoting sustainability in four locations (compared to one last year), which is something I would like to encourage and support in the next academic year. Since PGR is spread across different campuses and institutes, I am very happy that we managed to recruit PGR reps from nearly every institute this year, so that all of you are represented within the MVLS. I am looking forward to (hopefully) improving all things PG in the election period.