Gender Equality Officer

Spring Elections 2020

Julia Hegele

Hi there! I’m Julia, (she/her), I’m a 3rd year Theatre Studies student and I’m seeking re-election as your Gender Equality Officer.

Before this position I’ve tackled matters of gender equality as Welfare Officer of STAG and as campaign manager for the Global Women’s Caucus of Democrats Abroad. As GEO I’ve worked with our VPSS to implement weekly rape crisis drop-ins on campus. I’ve also sought to ensure the availability of sanitary products for all students. Underlying these systematic shifts, I’ve coordinated an extensive International Women’s Week event cycle to go on just after these elections. My experience has been made more precious by the relationships I’ve forged with gender equality representatives across Glasgow.

If reelected I’d take the following steps to continue enhancing the safety and wellbeing of those whose gender identity places them at risk of violence or othering.

  • GBV awareness training for the boards of affiliated societies/unions.
  • Ensuring student voice is acknowledged by faculty during gender-centric discourse
  • Re-iterating the SRC’s position as an actant for the dignity of trans and GNC individuals on campus.

I have the skills and the experience to enhance this position into one of progress, I’d be honored to represent you again!

Rinna Väre

Hi! I’m Rinna (she/her), a second year Politics/Sociology student and I hope to be your next Gender Equality Officer! My experiences as an SRC Freshers’ Helper and as a class rep have familiarised me with how the SRC functions and given me a realistic idea of what it would be like to represent students on council. I have also been a campaign coordinator for GU Amnesty International for the past year, which has developed my presentation and advocacy skills, which would help me to achieve my goals on council.

If elected, I will:

  • Try to tackle sexual harassment on campus by:
    • widening the reach of the Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence workshops
    • lobbying for transparent sexual and gender-based harassment policies
  • Campaign for the Pronoun Pledge to become mandated for affiliated clubs/societies and encourage a norm of introducing pronouns in official University communication
  • Advocate for the Equality and Diversity Training to become mandatory for all students
  • Work with the LGBTQ+ Officer and relevant student groups to ensure sufficient support for trans and non-binary students
  • Seek to destigmatise reproductive health care and continue the provision of destigmatised menstrual products

Vote Rinna #1 Gender Equality Officer!