Age Equality Officer

Spring Elections 2020

Charlotte Sleith-Green

I’m a mature student studying Divinity within Theology and Religious Studies. I would like you to elect me your as your Age Equality Officer. As a prior member of the SRC I have experience that will be invaluable in order to bring change. I have been speaking to many of you around campus and this is what I plan to do:

  • lobby for extra money from outside enterprise to support the work of the Mature Students Association on campus
  • promote better information for prospective mature applicants on what to expect and what help is available
  • be an on the ground support for all incoming mature students to answer specific mature student queries and host with the MSA an increased number of events targeted at mature students
  • hold a regular drop in session at the MSA and at other locations to hear student concerns
  • lobby to get a better location for the current MSA building to make is accessible to all mature students
  • work with the Gilchrist PG Club to better publish events and open many events up to all mature students

Vote for an experienced voice, not afraid to speak up for you. Vote Charlotte for Age Equality Officer.