School of Life Sciences


Patrick Shearer

I am presently studying towards a BSc in Microbiology hoping to pursue a career as a research Immunologist. I am a confident public speaker and I love working with people. I have been a part of the Infection and Immunity society and this year was elected as the Vice President. I plan to bring the event management and people skills I learned to this role. Since the position has been empty I hope to fill it and bring back the voice of the school to the council. If I am elected I will support current and future students in their journey in the Life Sciences here in Glasgow. I plan to run public outreach events to get the lay person more involved in the science happening at the University; and run more focused academic events bringing exciting scientific talks.

Hugh Steele

Hi, I’m Hugh Steele, a third year undergraduate Animal Biology student and I would love to be your next School of Life Science Representative. I’ve spent the last year on a sports committee as publicity convenor so I am very aware of how a committee works and how to get my views across effectively. Being part of the SRC fresher’s helping team has also given me insight into how the SRC runs and what a positive force it is for students in the university.

If elected I will:

  • Make sure life science students voices are heard and that any issues are dealt with swiftly. I understand how important it is to be listened too!
  • Ensure that 1st and 2nd year students are made aware of the support the SRC offers early on
  • Hold regular meetings with class representatives to allow for full transparency between SRC and academic schools
  • I also want to engage more with students and lecturers to push for more communication so that I can represent students’ academic interests to the best of my ability

If you want an open and responsive School of Life Sciences representative, give me your vote! #gunzofsteele

Arianna Santos Arias

My job as a class representative in the last two years has helped me to understand the importance of having a voice for the student community. Life Science is a school that goes under constant change every, that is the reason of why the opinions of the alumni are strongly relevant in the moment of taking decisions as they are the ones that benefits the most of them. However, as a student representative, I have never talked or been contacted with a school representative before being the feedback only gathered to staff members and lecturers by the same class reps.

As a representative of the school of life science, I offer myself as a connective and solid bridge between the working force and the former students of the school, to improve the university experience and the learning experience of the learners of University of Glasgow. In addition, I ensure my communication with the class reps of the different degrees in the school serving as a connection between the SRC and the staff members directly. Finally, find the best solution for the problems the students could have and avoid their repetition for the following years.

Scott White

Hello there, my name is Scott and I am hoping to be the School of Life Sciences next representative!

I am in my 4th year at university studying Medicine, currently undertaking an intercalated year studying Pharmacology. I am brand new to the School of Life Sciences, but have already began engaging with my classmates through becoming the class rep. My first participation with the SRC was through freshers helping last year, and I wish to take more of an involved role within council. I feel this previous experience with the SRC has given me a greater understanding of the work involved in being a committee member.

I feel that the SRC could do more to strengthen their presence within the school, and as a vocal and active member, I hope to go some way in achieving this.

My aims for the year would be to:

  • Engage fully with my fellow class reps for discussion of any issues students have raised
  • Promote the SRC to my fellow classmates, encouraging engagement through SRC-run activities, freshers helping, and running for roles on council
  • Push for greater flexibility in final year honours projects, instead of the current allocation process.