UG College Convenor Arts

Autumn Elections 2019

Charlotte Sleith Green

My name is Charlotte, a Theology Student, I’m looking forward to being your next Arts Convenor if elected.

ARTS. Holds many of the oldest Degree programs in the world. History is important but so is the future of Academia and The college of Arts.

I will work closely with all disciplines ensuring they have what they need to develop the World Changers of Tomorrow. I will do this by:
• Increasing student social participation within Arts by hosting events in which the whole department can take part.
• I will work closely with school and class reps to ensure that you are being heard at all levels of the University and
that you get consistent and constructive feedback. I am not afraid to speak up for you at the course, school, college and senate levels.

Experience is key for this role. I have a strong record with the SRC. I have previously sat a representative supporting students and sitting on University Level committees.

When the polls close it is important that you know that your convener will have experience and dedication. For an experienced, capable and committed voice for the college of Arts vote
Charlotte #1 Arts Convener.

Emma Hardy

Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I’m a final year Archaeology undergraduate. I’m hoping to be your next Undergraduate Arts Convener on council!


  • Two years sitting on the SRC as 2018-19 Vice President Education and 2017-18 School of Humanities Rep
  • Two years on University Senate, working with the most senior staff in the university
  • Student Reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency, giving me a broader view of representation


  • To establish a community in the College. We have no building which means we don’t often interact with people who aren’t in our classes. I want to host events within the college to create opportunities for students to meet people outside of their discipline, and work with the PG Arts convener to create opportunities for undergraduates to meet postgraduates to help them make informed choices about their future
  • To help the college continue to move towards online learning and resources for better accessibility and more opportunities for students

Work with the college to help improve opportunities for developing graduate attributes and advertising jobs or further study opportunities for arts students