School of Social and Political Sciences Representative

Autumn Elections 2019

Duncan Henderson

Hello! I’m Duncan, and I’m a second year Politics student. I have previously been a Class Representative and used that position to raise important matters such as lecture recording and assessment standards to staff. I’m running for School Representative to continue this record of representation, and to do the following:

  • Support the SRC’s #lecrec campaign and greater transparency. I believe that all lectures should be recorded, and support the SRC campaign to increase recording. I also believe that students should be told why a class won’t record lecturers, where lecturers don’t opt-in to recording.
  • Increased transparency over ‘tutorial participation’ marks. Many courses include a ‘tutorial participation’ grade. However the criteria for these marks are often unclear until they are awarded – and the current marking scheme is very vague. If elected, I will use my position to urge Course Convenors to provide more information to students over how these marks are decided.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and I hope that you’ll consider giving me your vote! For a committed representative with a record of representation, vote for Duncan Henderson!

Yung Yung Tang

When I look at our social and political science school, the first thing that strikes my mind is how culturally diverse it is. Someone needs to be there in order to connect all those different cultures and make it one under the name of the social and political science School. I believe it is a good start, it is a good way to prove to any social and political science students that no matter where they are from, what issue, they face and what they would want to do later on, I can be that connection to them, the transit that will allow them to arrive at the safest destination possible: success. A responsible school representative is not one who waits for queries to come, and then tries to solve them. Rather someone who has regular interaction with students to find long lasting solutions to their grievances and complaints. This can be achieved by working closely with all school and course representatives in order to bring about a positive change in the university. I will be that one who changing something that you wish to see in the school of social and political science.